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Auditions are divided into 2 groups based on age to ensure smaller groups and comfortability throughout the audition process.


We have limited spots on each team. This is not due to exclusivity. It is important to us to be able to connect with our students. We choose to keep our teams small so we can give the individualized attention deserved to passionate dancers.

Smaller teams also help facilitate stronger team bonds. Everyone cheers for each other’s accomplishments and no athletes are left behind. With that said, EXTREME MATURITY, COMMUNICATION, AND DETERMINATION IS ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED WITH BEING IN THE ‘HAUS’.

The audition and selection process requires much planning and thought. Your dancer should be very confident about their desire to be a part of our Company. If your dancer decides to not participate after being selected, it is unfair to all involved. Please talk to your dancer about commitment and how important it is to follow through. 


The Petite Elite team focuses heavily on technique execution, as well as, choreography retention, strength training, immersive improv, acro and gymnastics, proper foundation of several genres, audition requirements, camera presence, and the mental training to become the best version of themselves. With such a small and intimate team, they have an environment where they share their personal goals and hold each other accountable. The Petites will compete at 2 conventions.

The Senior Elite team is a competitive convention team designed for advanced dancers to push further to better prepare for their dance aspirations. On top of the curriculum instilled in the Petites, the Seniors train heavily on improv in EVERY style, creativity built upon foundations, proper foundation of several genres including ballroom and heels foundations, audition requirements, camera presence, creating choreography, and mental strength. The Senior Elites compete at 2 conventions throughout the season.

Choreographers look for dancers for a few combined and auditioned routines. This will consist of combinations of dancers from each of the 3  teams. Routines will compete at both conventions. Be aware, if asked to take part in a Hybrid routine, rehearsals will most likely take place during the weekend.  



Please understand that choosing dance as a priority over all other extracurricular activities is a commitment that requires compliance from both dancers and parents.