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Due to our extremely small studio size and dynamic, we must depend on our values, mindset, and ethic to be fully carried out by both parents and dancers. We have worked hard and pride ourselves on the family atmosphere that is created and deeply felt by us and our dancers. With that said, there will be ZERO tolerance for any drama or gossip about anyone in your family.

You will be updated on how your dancer is progressing and behaving often. This is to help keep you in the loop, and facilitate and open communication when needed at any time throughout the season. Be known that our goals and expectations for your dancers align with yours, completely. Our relationships with the dancers go beyond the studio doors. We are in constant communication to truly make them each feel special and loved. We hold them accountable just as they do to us.


During studio hours the front room, also referred to as “the ClubHaus” will be completely closed off to parents for the following reasons. Firstly, the ClubHaus is where the teams will spend their time for our pre-class pow-wows, where we discuss and plan our goals and objectives for that day, where they will spend time bonding during water breaks, and depending on your dancer’s studio schedule, may be times where they will be doing their homework and resting in between classes. 



It is important that our dancers continue their training at home on their off-days. After our first few months together, your dancer will find it just a part of their daily routine. Additional opportunities such as; dance auditions, invitation for additional routines, private lessons with Haus Affiliates, etc. will be dependant on what our dancers do on their off-time. We recommend heaps amount of praise from you to your dancer when she is being proactive in this nature. We find it that the dancers are responsible for packing their own dance bag with all shoes (ballet, tap, sneakers, foot undies, socks, ect.), water, snacks for energy, studio notebook and pen, and anything else they should need to successfully train in class.


It is required to be in 90% attendance for all classes & rehearsals that are needed. This means your dancer may be excused from 2 classes maximum per month starting in August. We understand there may be uncontrollable instances that come up, so please reach out if your dancers’ absence is out of their control.

Class attendance is mandatory two weeks prior to competitions. All decisions or changes made in routines, due to extensive absences will be made for what is best for the entire team. If attendance is below 90%, said dancer will not be able to participate in upcoming events or performances, charged an additional fee, or excused from the team for the remainder of the season.
If your dancer were to be removed from team on or after October 1st of this season, it will be required for monthly tuition to continue and be paid in full for the rest of this season.

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