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THE HAUS is a dance studio that provides the tools and training for dedicated dancers essential to work in the professional industry. Teaching methods are adapted to best suit each individual in order to reach unbreakable confidence! 

The curriculum we focus on involves intense technique precision, physical and mental strength training, improv creativity, classroom and audition etiquette, camera exposure, and choreography retention.

THE HAUS also welcomes dancers from ALL studios who long for opportunities to develop skills and achieve personal goals outside of their normal studio training. Consider us a stepping-stone for those who have the drive to work professionally and find talent representation. We offer choreography, private lessons, dancer demo reels, social media content, performance opportunities, master classes, music editing, and much more!



Hunter and Lexie are the definitions of best friends.

They bonded quickly over their passion for dance and hunger to continue learning. As teachers, one makes up for what the other lacks and vice versa. Lexie's experience working in the industry, the creative and almost spiritual aspect of dance perfectly aligns with Hunter's strict and technical experience she thrived with growing up. Their mission is to create a studio that felt that time with their students is far more valuable than the number of students. They strive to guide their dancers to discover their passion. 

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Lexie has danced around the globe, though her career had started early from choreographing to *NSYNC in her backyard. Soon after mastering Bye, Bye, Bye, she was placed into a traveling competitive cheer team in California, and the dancing never stopped. From cheering professionally in Switzerland for the Swiss hockey team to training in Turkey, China, and Colombia, she has developed skills beyond most teachers' reach. As she consistently refines her creativity in choreography, she incorporates new dance styles and methods into her art. Lexie has been featured on Disney's Andi Mack, multiple music videos, and performances across the West Coast. Her goal as a mentor is to help students discover and portray their passion through dance. She holds importance to her students that they walk out of lessons better than when they walked in.



Hunter started dancing when she was just 2 years old and has taught since she was 14.  She has trained in nearly every style of dance and is also extremely skilled in tumbling instruction.  She has won several different awards through her years of competitive dance such as; Overall Advanced High-Point, Judge's Choice, and Overall Grand Champion with studio teams she's participated in. She had the opportunity to dance on the Bonneville High School Lakettes' Drill Team. Hunter has performed at TedXOgden 2019, Tuacahn, and Disneyland's California Adventure. She is currently enrolled at Weber State University, to become a Pediatrician. Hunter has earned certifications in, 2020 Fundamentals of Coaching, CPR/First-Aid, and Concussion training. Hunter's focus is to tune into her student's technique, to ensure maximum skills are executed through their performances. 

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